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You will become a sought-after partner as your dancing becomes natural through quality lessons and practice.

Free Ballroom Dance Lessons

We offer a free 1/2 hour lesson from 7-7:30pm, before most of our Sunday evening dances. Admission to our dance is $5 per person. Check our Dance Calendar or call (503)639-4861 for group lesson information. Our Weekly Dances are open to anyone who wishes to attend: just show up and enjoy dancing! Try out your new moves in a relaxed atmosphere with your teachers on-hand ready to assist you. We post in advance what type of music is playing. We encourage you to dance with as many people as you can, beginners and advanced, because everyone's lead or follow is different.

Group Classes

We teach Group Classes open to the public 7 days a week.

Group Classes are open to walk-ins as well as students who schedule in advance. Most group classes are taught in 5-week series. You can attend one or all of the classes in a series. Your instructor prepares step patterns in advance for the group class dance of the day. Group class is a time of repetition that solidifies step patterns, develops balance, and improves your ability to lead and follow. Group classes are taught at the average learning rate of the group. Group classes are a great place to meet potential practice or competition dance partners.

Group classes are taught in 5-week series. Beginning level group class costs just $35 per person for an entire 5-week series, or you may "drop in" on any single beginners class for $9. During any given week we host at least 5 beginners class options. We have beginners classes to choose from 7 days a week, call (503)639-4861 to discover what options start this week!

Intermediate level classes cost $50 per person when you purchase a complete 5-class series. Intermediate group class runs from 2-3pm and 5-6pm on Sundays, and you may "drop in" on any single intermediate level class for $13.

Advanced level classes cost $12 per person when you purchase a complete 5-class series. Advanced level classes run from 6-7pm on Sundays, and you may "drop in" on any single advanced level group class for $15. Admission to our advanced level group class requires instructor pre-approval.

Students 22 and younger receive $3 off adult group classes with valid student ID plus photo ID

We also provide weekly $10 group classes for children (5 years and older) Saturdays 11am-noon. Intermediate and advanced kids classes run Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm and Saturdays noon-1pm (instructor pre-approval required for advanced class participation). Classes are designed to introduce kids to a wide variety of ballroom and latin dances. Ask instructor if you are interested in performance or competition opportunities for your child.

Individuals may choose to 'sit in' instead of participate in a group class. Admission is free to 'sit in' on any beginning level group class. It costs $7 per person to "sit in" on an intermediate level class, and $12 per person to "sit in" on an advanced level class. We highly recommend participating over sitting in, unless you are injured, shy, present with a partner who is of an extremely different skill level, or are otherwise uncomfortable actively participating in the group lesson.

We post all group lesson dates and times on our Dance Calendar, or you can call (503)639-4861 anytime with scheduling questions.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are the most effective method to cultivate competition quality lead, follow, and technique. In private lessons we progress at your rate of learning. Private lessons also give you the most dedicated time with your instructor so you can feel how to dance, instead of watching and listening from a distance. Private lesson students often choose to enter Competitions. Competition opportunities are available in our studio for dancers of all skill levels, including newcomers. It's a fabulous incentive to improve your dancing!

Individuals, couples, or small groups may take private lessons. Lessons are 50 minutes long and cost $75 per lesson. There is no additional charge if you wish to bring up to 4 extra people to share in your lesson. Privates are scheduled in advance on a first-come, first-serve basis (much like you would make a haircut appointment). Call (503)639-4861 to book yours today.

Practice Fees

If you want to improve quickly, practice well help! Our floor fee is $20 per hour for amateurs (this same price applies for 1-2 people). Practice floor space is NOT available Mondays afer 6:30pm, Wednesdays after 5:30pm, Thursdays after 7pm, Sundays after 4pm, or while any dance is running. Practice time is subject to the discretion of the studio coordinator (during busy times individuals and couples may not be allowed to practice) so we suggest calling ahead of time to confirm practice space is available. Upon arrival, the studio coordinator will assign a ballroom for you to practice in. Please be courteous to all students taking class (do not play music, yell, dance through their class area of the room, etc).

People who have taken a private lesson with studio staff in our studio may practice for free for 6 days following that class. People who have taken a private lesson with a visiting coach may practice for free for 1 hour that same day, when we have an empty ballroom available.

We also encourage students to practice at the 4 weekly dances we host (west coast swing Thursdays, lindy hop Saturdays, ballroom latin & west coast swing Sundays). Couples who use dance time to practice are expected to stay in the same ballroom where the dance is being hosted.

Professional Training

We provide one-on-one private instruction for professional dancers and individuals who wish to become instructors. Lessons for indivdiual or professional couples cost $150 per 50 minute session.

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