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Your Wedding Dance

What can I expect in my first wedding dance lesson?
How soon should we begin taking lessons?
Wedding dance tips
How much will it cost?

Wedding dance music suggestions

Wedding Dance Instruction

Would you like a little help to look your best at your wedding dance? Make your first dance as husband and wife a moment you'll remember forever.

Wedding dance instruction is designed especially for engaged couples who want a choreographed routine, or just a comfortable, natural look when you dance to your wedding music.

Your wedding is your day to shine. Our straight-forward instruction progresses at your pace, and prepares you to shine on the dance floor.

You can learn how to dance at your wedding by taking Group Lessons, Private Lessons, or both.

Group Ballroom Dance Lessons

The least expensive way to learn is to take beginning level Group Lessons, in which you will learn a routine over the course of a 5-lesson series. We recommend first-time dancers take a beginning level group class. We have many beginning level group classes to choose from. Some beginners classes are 1 day only, but most run in a five week series (the same day of the week & time of day, 5 weeks in a row). Make sure your chosen wedding song is the same rhythm as the class taught. For example: If your wedding song is a waltz, do not take a cha cha class. If you need help identifying which style of dance your wedding song is, please bring your CD to any class.

What can I expect in my first group lesson?

First: Your teachers will demonstrate for the class the figures to be taught that day. The dance style, music, and lesson materials are pre-determined and the class progresses at the average learning pace of the group.

Second: Men and women will learn their "parts" separately

Third: Men and women will dance their "parts" together

Fourth: The class will rotate partners. Though this is not required, it is highly recommended.

Finally: You will dance the routine with your partner to music.

Wear lightweight dress shoes. Avoid sneakers, rubber soled, or spike-heel shoes. Everyday attire is appropriate for dancing. Stretchy, light clothing will be easier to move in.

Private lessons prepare the bride and groom for their wedding dance

Private lessons are the fastest way to learn. You progress at your own pace, with 100% attention from your teacher. Private lessons allow you to ask questions in a discrete environment. You also learn choreography catered to you and your chosen wedding song. We highly recommend private lessons to couples as the best way to prepare for your wedding day.

What can I expect in my first private wedding dance lesson?

If you have a special song you've selected for your wedding dance, please bring it to your lesson.

First: We will listen to the music you have selected, or offer you a selection of popular Wedding Songs to use for your wedding dance.

Second: We will teach you basic ballroom dance steps appropriate for your experience level and music.

Finally: We enthusiastically encourage you to practice, even if it is just for a few minutes each night in your kitchen.

What should I wear to my dance lesson?

Wear lightweight dress shoes. Avoid sneakers, rubber soled, or spike-heel shoes. Everyday attire is appropriate for dancing. Stretchy, light clothing will be easier to move in.

When should we start dance lessons?

As soon as possible. The earlier you start, the lower your stress and the more time you have to learn your wedding dance. If you can start early, you will be able to learn a routine that will impress your guests and as an added benefit: You will actually learn to dance! After all, there's no reason to stop dancing after your wedding. You and your partner can dance for the rest of your lives, starting with your wedding dance lessons.

Ballroom dance lessons at your rehearsal dinner or reception

To add enjoyment for your wedding guests, you may want to have a dance lesson at your reception or rehearsal dinner.

Don't wait until the last minute. Get started on your wedding dance today by calling us at (503) 473-8947!

Wedding Dance Tips

1. Practice daily: At home, in the studio, and in your wedding venue, if this is at all possible.
2. Brides: Take it easy on your groom, leading is a difficult skill to learn.
3. Grooms: Loosen up and have fun, after completing your Ballroom Dance Company wedding package, you know more about how to dance than most if not all of your guests.

How much do dance lessons cost?

We host Weekly Dances open to the public every Sunday which includes a free 1/2 hour lesson for beginners from 7-7:30pm. Our dance runs from 7:30-10pm and costs $5 per person.

We offer beginning level Group Lessons 7 days a week which cost $9 for drop-ins, or just $35 per person when you purchase an entire 5-week series. Most classes are taught in 5-class series. We recommend taking all classes in a series, though it is not required. Each lesson in a series reinforces and builds on materials covered in the previous week's class.

We also offer intermediate and advanced level Group Lessons 7 days a week.

If you are uncomfortable rotating partners, or which to learn in a private setting, we provide Private Lessons 7 days a week. These cost $75 per 50 minute lesson. Most couples only need 1 private lesson to feel comfortable with their wedding dance.

Want to create a beautiful memory of your
first dance together as husband and wife?

Call the Ballroom Dance Company today at (503) 639 - 4861